event color


If we add a field color to my event DOM for scheduler.

Would we then be able to see the color of the background of the event, simply by setting the event.color parameter to a “color” when i load my events ?

That means we can manage the colors in the DB ? or the model ?


Scheduler checks color and textColor properties of the client-side events. They can be managed in different ways - you can store it in the DB, or assign to the model during loading, or even assign at the client side - e.g.scheduler.getEvent(event_id).color = color; scheduler.updateEvent(event_id);

Do you have any running sample for setting event colors from the database?

check /CustomField sample from Scheduler.MVC3 project, it loads text color from the database. Background color works the same way(the only difference is that property would be named ‘color’ instead of ‘textColor’)