Event-drag + recurring event -> mootools incompat.

I noticed when I first installed the component that I was getting this error in firebug whenever I would drag events to other date-cells:

A is undefined
/components/com_scheduler/codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js Line 278

Line 278 in an un-minified dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js is in this function:

276     scheduler._del_rec_marker = function (B) {
277     var A = this._rec_markers[B];
278     delete this._rec_markers_pull[A.event_pid][A._pid_time];
279     delete this._rec_markers[B]

Un-checking ‘Repeat Events’ in the administrative panel stops this error. As well, not including mootools also stops the error.

I tried out a couple different versions of mootools (the one’s that come with joomla and 1.3). Oddly enough the error still occurred when I included only the Core part of the Core mootools 1.3 package (the bare minimum, using the builder on their site). That narrows it down pretty well, I figured, so I tried to find out what was causing the incompatibility, but whatever it is it’s not obvious to me. I feel like if this was a n actual incompatibility bug more people would be complaining about it, so I’m suspicious that it might be something else in my configuration, but nothing stands out as being at fault/related.

I have successfully worked around the places where I would have otherwise used Mootools (there’s no incompatibility with the Slick CSS selector engine), so this isn’t a pressing issue for me, though I would appreciate any ideas (there are a few places where mootools could make my life easier)

I really like the component! The front-end interface is really nice :slight_smile:

I have checked the same scenario locally - and was not able to reconstruct problem. Also, the core of mootools doesn’t have any code which can harm scheduler’s logic ( as far as I can see )

If issue still occurs - can you provide a link ( you can PM me ) to the page where issue can be reconstructed?