event enddate and startdate issue

if i set startdate greater than enddate in backend code sets enddate = startdate+5min but on frontend it shows enddate less than start date how to solve this issue.

if startdate is 20-02-2014 00:30 and enddate is 20-02-2014 00:00

in backend enddate will be passed to ev object as 20-02-2014 00:35 but lightbox shows 20-02-2014 00:00

i want to remove this adding thing as i m validating lightbox. because of this feature validation if not performed and user gets wrong impression as enddate remains less than startdate

The enddate must not be greater than startdate in first place. Scheduler can’t render events with such illogical time settings. EndDate modification for such events is more dev. time helper, than a feature.

True bt than it should reflect actual end date on front end and not the original one if end date is less than start date

I can confirm the issue. It will be fixed in the next build.

Ok Thanks Mate :slight_smile:

But Any Temporary Solution ?