Event for afterInit

Hello Support,

We have afterInit tag in xml,which calls the method after Initialisation of Grid.

I just wonder if we have Event for after/before Initialisation of grid.

Thanks in Advance.

There is no such event , in case of initializating by js script the moments when grid initialized is clearly visible without any events. When you loading configuration from XML - the onXLE event can be used ( it will fire after incoming XML fully processed )

Basically you can add you custom event with next trick

in js code

grid.my_event = function(){
   //any code here

in XML


Actually I am not loading grid from xml, I used setValue method in  loop to set the value.
So the suggested  code is not useful in my case.
I want like this  mygrid.setOnAfterGridInit(callAfterGridInit);


If you are using initialization from javascript, the key point is
command, after it any operation will be instantly visualized

>>I want like this  mygrid.setOnAfterGridInit(callAfterGridInit);
There is no similar event , but it is pretty simple to add new one, you can locate init method in dhtmlxgrid.js and add as last line of it
and later use
          //any custom code