Event Handled for mouse click in the option list of a combo

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I want to know, is there any event handler for mouse click over the option list in combo box? . I tried “onSelectionChange” event, but in that i dont know the onSelectionChange event is called by key navigation or mouse… because both for navigation and mouse clisk the onselectionChange event is called.

So My need is, whenever I want to select the option in the list(by mouse only), then i will send the request. Please guide me to achieve this.

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You can try - onChange event , when occurs on selecting option by clicking, or by pressing enter key
There is no event which will fire only for selecting option by mouse, if it really necessary you can override _selectOption method

    combo._selectOption = function(){
       //any custom code here

Hi team,
                Could you please send me with examples?. because i dont know where to update your code. whether in custom js… or your dhtmlx_combo.js… so please send me with examples.it will be helpful for me…

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Please check attached sample
1207242566.zip (15.7 KB)

Quick Reply… wow…Thanks…

Its works fine