Event Handlers for text input.

What type of event handlers are there available in the touch framework for text input?
I’m trying to create an onBlur trigger for a view:“text” but the onAfterselect does not seem to work :frowning:

thanks in advance!

You can assign handler to the native dom event by using

dhx.event($$('myinput').getNode(), "blur", function(){ ...custom code here... });

Thank you for the response… But it doesn’t seem to work…
Here’s my code:


{view:“text”, name:“uren”, label:“uren”, id:‘field1’,type:“text”, labelWidth:130,name:“uren”},
{view:“text”, name:“uren”, label:“uren2”, id:‘uur2’,type:“text”, labelWidth:130,name:“uren”},
] };

dhx.event($$(‘field1’).getNode(), “blur”, function(){
alert (‘test123’)

I really tried it a couple times using the code, but it doesn´t respond, nor it gives an error either… :frowning:

Sorry for the misleading information. You need to use getInput method instead of getNode.

dhx.event($$(‘field1’).getInput(), “blur”, function(){

I’ve attached the sample
sample.zip (183 KB)