event onrowselect in firefox 3.6.3

Dear all,

I am using dhtmlxgrid in my application. I have two grids. First grid is used for the list of the asset and the second grid will show the details of the asset after select one row from the list (Grid 1).

I try in localhost, it is running well in IE 8.0 and Firefox 3.6.3. But when I implement in server, it is not running well in Firefox. When I select a row, Grid 2 doesn’t show any data. But when I open the new tab and I copy the address to the new, it working well.

Anyone can explain to me why?

Thank you All

Check if FireFox return any errors when you load sample from servers.

There are no errors messages from firefox. I run at the localhost in server, it running well. Is it related with the network problem? But, In IE running well. Or maybe there are bugs in Firefox?

Can you provide demo link?