Event resizing and x_unit


I’m a new user of dhx scheduler tool. I have a scheduler with different employees (y-axis) and many timeline views (Hour, week…). Actually, when I try to resize an existing event, the drag value jump directly to the next x_unit (hour or day depending of the active timeline view). For exemple, in hour view, an event with end_date at 10am (start_date at 09:00) mooves directly to 11am when I drag the end_time, there are no intermediate minutes (only 09:05 when I want to decrease end_date but the size of the box stay to “one hour”). There is no continuous movement with the mouse cursor.

My code contains allmost all that is in this example : https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/samples/11_scales/04_timeline_ignore.html

For information, I have configured a time_step of 5, the duration of my event can go from some hours to many days with ignored hours (before 8 or after 18) and block days (Saturday and Sunday). My events can be loaded in the scheduler only via externalDrag.

I have tried hour_step (to try to have smaller step…), renderEvent with custom form but nothing works.
Have you an idea to resolve this?

Thank you,


As you can see, it works correclty in the example 04_timeline_ignore.

It means the issue is related to the additional configurations in your app.
Please reproduce the issue using DHTMLX snippet system and share the updated link with me https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/27003f1a

Perhaps the problem is somehow related to this.

Thanks, that’s help to focus on the right stuff… There was a misunderstanding about timeline view but now it’s ok.