Event saved with no-valid data


If you have an event loaded in the scheduler and you drag it so that the cursor moves outside the scheduler pane, the event get stuck at the top of the scheduler pane. This is not an issue if you move the cursor back into the pane, but if you have a save-button outside the scheduler pane and you press this without re-enter the pane it will save the event with non-valid data.

This cannot not be caught with oneventchanged or onbefore event changed.

How can I stop/catch this and reset the event?


It will cause a javascript error when it reloads after save.


could you please provide a sort of demo, or repeat it in our samples ?

Hi, do you have an example with a save planning button outside of planning pane? Like the image I’ve uploaded? I couldn’t find one in the examples.

Oh, and drag and drop within the pane.


what logic is attached to “save planning” button ?

Hi I could re-create the error by doing the same handling with a minical. You take an event and drag it so the cursor exits the schedule pane. Then you change date and return to the same date - the event will have the _drag_mode==“move” but that’s not true.

It has to do with the this._drag_mode=="move" in the scheduler._on_mouse_move , so I now set it to undefined at every refresh or data change to get by it.