Event table data structure

The scheduler samples work with event table columns id, text, start_date and end_date where id is identity column. Is it possible to integrate the scheduler to events table that has different name and different schema (mainly id columns is Microsoft sql server express UNIQUEIDENTIFIER and not just udentity int )?

It is mentioned at scheduler-net.com/docs/loading-data.html that inorder to load data as it is without changing the names of members (i.e. EventId → id, Description → text), alter the code as in:
public class DataItem
[DHXJson(Alias = “id”)]
public int EventId { get; set; }
[DHXJson(Alias = “text”)]
public string Description { get; set; }

public DateTime start_date { get; set; }
public DateTime end_date { get; set; }

But where is it defined DHXJson? Is it valid for web forms? Is this can be used as a workaround to avoid fixed table column names?

DHXJsonAttribute is defined in DHTMLX.Scheduler namespace, be sure to add this line

using DHTMLX.Scheduler; We’ll add this to the article, sorry for the inconvenience
Yes, it can be used in WebForms and allows using custom names for columns and properties of a class