+event.text+ message


Hi guys.

Love this app! Fits perfectly into my new J!2.5 site.

The only issue I have is that once an event has been created, when the user’s mouse hovers over the event in the display, I get a tool tip that says +event.text+

Nothing I have tried makes this message change in any way. What have I done wrong?

Thanks in anticipation.



you should replace configure scheduler.templates.event_bar_text template in scheduler admin panel (Templates tab) like here:

return "<span title='"+event.text+"'>" + event.text + "</span>";


Sorry, but I don’t understand what you have told me. I can find the field in the admin panel that you have referred to, but does it need to be replaced or configured? Is the code you have provided what needs changing, or is it what it should be changed to?

That code is in fact exactly what is already there - which doesn’t work for me - so I guess it needs changing, but I have no idea how it needs to be changed…

Thanks for your help



here is a screenshot which whould help you


:blush: I now note a subtle alteration in the punctuation…

Thanks for the assistance. It does now work exactly as expected.

Was the issue due to a typo somewhere, or would the original version have been correct in some other set of circumstances?

Thanks again,



It’s an issue in default configuration. We will fix it in the next version.

return (event.username ? event.username + ': ' : '') + "<span title='"+event.text+"'>" + event.text + "</span>";