Event which last for more than one day is showing on the top


i want some thing like this means it should occupy two or more blocks it should not show on the top


Hello @Nitish_Kurhadkar ,

If you want to display multiday events(longer than 24h) like usual ones, you can do it by including the dhtmlxscheduler_all_timed.js extension, and setting the scheduler.config.all_timed = true:

Or, if you want the direct result as in the screenshot(event occurs on 2 days 4:00-8:00 am), you can use the dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js extension(available only in PRO), which allows you to set the pattern of the event occurrences(for example repeat event on 2 days, 4:00-8:00), you can read about this functionality by the following link:


Hi @Siarhei here multiple blocks are created and between them some whitespace is also their and text is also repeating can we avoid that (i was expecting single box that will expend upto four days and no text repeat) is that possible

similar to this