Event while layout cell is loading


I wanted to know if there is any event which is called while data is loading to layout cell just like below which is called after layout is loaded.

dhxLayout.attachEvent(“onContentLoaded”, doOnContentLoaded);


Just try it :slight_smile:
layout.attachEvent(“onContentLoaded”, alert(1))


dhxLayout.attachEvent(“onContentLoaded”, doOnContentLoaded);

this event is for loading url into cell
doOnContentLoaded will get 1st arg cell id, for example

function doOnContentLoaded(id) { dhxLayout.cells(id).progressOff(); } dhxLayout.attachEvent("onContentLoaded", doOnContentLoaded); dhxLayout.cells("a").progressOn(); dhxLayout.cells("a").attachURL("http://externalpage.com/");

Thank-you Darya and Andrie.

Darya: I tried this already. Yes, this works for alert but not for progressOff(); I see alert but when I replace alert with dhxLayout.progressOff(), I don’t see spin at all.

Andrie: I tried this too. I don’t know reason but I don’t see function is called on content load. I replaced progressOff() with alert message and I don’t see any alert while page is loaded.

Can you please suggest any other way to make this work.