Events Administration

Is there a way to make the following work in Joomla for Events Administration in Scheduler?

  1. be able to see all events? At the moment it is not possible to see all events once the Events Administration window is filled. A scrolling bar at the side would be nice, plus the possibility to page through events (when we schedule activities in 18+ rooms by five different organizations, it will not take long to have hundreds of events scheduled). I have to go to the mySQL database to see the list of events.

  2. there seems to be the ability to sort events by description and dates. So far I can only sort by the last two columns… clicking the header in the first three columns – including the start date – does not change the order of records.

  3. if I select a record and then click on “edit”, often the selected record will change to another, and the other record will be the one “highlighted” for editing.

(Note: I will need to set up a new Joomla website for scheduler. This will be the third installation of a Joomla test site to test Scheduler. Evidently, I installed Joomla 2.5.6 on PHP2.0 which is not supported by Joomla 2.5.6. I will revert back to a Joomla 1.5.20 site to continue testing Scheduler. I had Scheduler all installed and working quite well, when I decided to add a new single article menu in Joomla… then the whole website crashed and is not recoverable.)

all fixes will be available with the next release.
Thanks for your feedback.