Events always take up 2 rows?

Can an event occupy one row only (instead of two)? I would like to show 4 rows per hour. Then if there are 4 events, each 15 minutes, can the events not overlap?

We are considering buying this product and if there is no solution for this, then it may be a problem.

In current version you can set

scheduler.xy.min_event_height = 1;
scheduler.config.hour_size_px = 84;

Which will double size of hour and will prevent event overlapping.

In next version we plan add an alternative rendering mode, which will show small time events with readable description and without overlapping.

It would be a great help because when you look at the time block, it’s unclear if the event is 15 mintues or 30 minutes.

Any idea when this change might released?

We already have it in dev. repository. It will be included in next stable version - so it will be released in next few months. ( most probably April 2012 )

Hello Stanislav,

Am I correct in assuming that in the next version, the number of rows in an hour, can be an integer number, so 2 rows would mean intervals of 30 minutes and 12 intervals of 5 mins.

Will each row, show the starting time of the row?

I am a newbie, to your controls and have not found a description of the date object.

The API reference contains addEvent, setEventDate, setEventStartDate methods, but there no references to starttime, duration or endtime. Are starttime and endtime properties of the date object?

If not could you explain, how one would add an event? Starting on a particular date at 08:00 hrs, which ends on 09:10. Given intervals of 10 minutes?



Not really. Consider following, if you create 2 events 5 minutes each (12:00 - 12:05, 12:05 - 12:10) they will be displayed on top of each other. In the upcoming version they would be displayed in different columns and would be fully seen by the user.

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Thanks, Ilya.

Bncgin started this thread by asking if an event could occupy 1 row instead of two.

I have downloaded the Scheduler and increased the number of rows in an hour to 6, by:
scheduler.xy.min_event_height = 1;
scheduler.config.hour_size_px = 126;
scheduler.config.time_step = 10;

If I manually add events longer than 10 minutes, the events show correctly in the grid.

If I add an event which lasts 10 minutes, the event is shown incorrectly, because it occupies 2 lines, exactly the same as an event which lasts 20 minutes.

Imo this is incorrect. If the endtime of an event is equal to the starttime + scheduler.config.time_step, then the event should occupy just 1 line.

I tried to set the endtime to the starttime, but that of course does not work;-)


Let me explain the roots of this problem if it is one.

Rendered event is some kind of container (that yellow box you see) and it has some actual height. And the minimal height of the container is limited as well (can’t be less than some value) because we literally has to draw something and it has it’s own height.

scheduler.xy.min_event_height = 1;

Above line won’t really work as it would mean that some event we should render as 1 pixel height container. I believe no one want it nor it is supported.
Then you create 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes event the height of the box is larger than the actual ration minutes : pixels. We can increase hour size in pixels, that would lower this ratio and at some point 20, 15 minutes events would fit perfectly.
Before there were issues where event time/details are not seen as events were too short (5-10-30 minutes), they were displayed on top of each other even though their time didn’t overlap but their containers did. In the upcoming version it will be fixed and events would be displayed in different columns if they time overlap or their containers would overlap if displayed as it is.

Btw, with the default settings (hour size 42pixels) 58 minutes is the minimum event duration to be displayed correctly based on minute:pixels ration.

Hope this makes sense.

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Thanks for the explanation Ilya, I understand.

Would’nt it be possible to increase the hour size to a value, large enough to display the shortest possible time_step?

Can you please clarify:
“In the upcoming version it will be fixed and events would be displayed in different columns if they time overlap or their containers would overlap if displayed as it is.”

I am using the 03-extension\units_view sample, viewing the UNit tab, and read “rows” where the quoted text says “columns”. Correct?

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I just wish it would work like Google’s calendar with DHTMx’s customization. Each row represents a unit of time measurement. Events equal to or shorter than the unit of time ALWAYS show as a single row.

In DHTMLx’s calendar, the event header occupies one row and body occupies a row ==== 2 rows. If you can get rid of the header so the event sits in one row, that would be ideal.


It’s possible. Simply increase scheduler.config.hour_size_px but if you want to display 5 minute events this way your hours would be really large.

In this case in different columns under the same unit :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback.
Currently you can make scheduler.config.hour_size_px = 84; this would make 30 minutes event display with size and all events shorted than 30 minutes would be displayed as 30 minute one.
If by slot you mean background image with lines, it could be updated to match new hour_size_px value. I’ve attached updated version and a screenshot.

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There is a estimated date for the new version? (I’m waiting for the one line event feature to buy this product)



You can purchase license even now as you will be for 1 major upgrade :slight_smile:
We plan to release new version in April.

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This version is going to be backward compatible? And it will be out middle or late April?


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