Events are not rendering when switching from month view to day view if the scheduled time of event is below 12:00PM

Events data:
events: [

"end_date: “9999-01-01 12:00”,

"is_request: false,

"event_length: “1”,

"rec_type: “day_1___#no”,

"maintenance: “2”,

"start_date: “2022-08-18 11:00”}

Month View:

Day View:

Hello @Sai_Pandu_Digumarti ,

Looks like you are using two different timeline views, for a month long and day long.

I tried to reproduce this issue, but it works quite correct(I used section_id property as y_property) `:

The issue could have occurred, if the second timeline view(day) has different y_property so event just doesn’t assigned to it’s section, so you can check it out.

If it’s not your case, could you please reproduce the issue in our snippet tool(open the snippet above => reproduce the issue => click the “Save” button => send me the new link)?

Can you try in 5.3.6 ? It might be version specific issue right ?

Hello @Sai_Pandu_Digumarti ,

Switching between different views is quite simple functionality, and shouldn’t cause any issues. There are also no known information on such bug in our internal tracker/public what’s new patch notes:

I also tried it in the latest 5.3.6 release:
and still works correctly:

Highly likely the issue is connected with some custom functionality, but I can’t say for sure what exactly goes wrong, as the issue doesn’t reproduce on my end. Could you please provide more details on how to reproduce it, or send me a simplified demo that I will be able to run locally and reproduce the issue?