Events aren't saved in the database

I did the calendar using recurring events in ASP.NET MVC and it always worked well. Suddenly, the calendar does not load the events and each time I create a new event this is not saved in the database. The code doesn’t give errors so don’t I see what may be the problem.
Can you help me, please?

I am using MVC5 and followed this tutorial:, I only added the recurring events.
Can you help me, please? I’m just in the middle of my thesis and it is very important to me that the schedule works well.

I think problem can be were, but I can’t solve it :cry:

public ContentResult Data(DateTime from, DateTime to) { var apps = db.Appointments.Where(e => e.StartDate < to && e.EndDate >= from).ToList(); return new SchedulerAjaxData(apps); }

please attach your project so we could run it and test the problem locally. A forum engine may block attachment because of the file size, in that case please upload it somewhere and post here a download link