Events Cut Text (Scheduler 3.0 + Wordpress 3.3)

Hello to all! i’m a new… and compliment for a great plugin for wordpress.
i have 2 problem:

  • i insert a long event, people see and open it, the event it’s cut, appears only the first 249 caracters!! sò if event is long for eample 500 caracters… the plugin cut after 251 caracters… why…!?

  • can possible appears before text description in a event, because default appear the time and after the decription event, and it’s not understand the description event before expande it


thanks to all

thanks for good feedback.

There is a table wp_events_rec in database which stores events. You should change type of field “text” from varchar(255) to text.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Could you describe more in details?

Thanks too radyno!!
Wow fantastic… the text now it is longer…! :laughing: very good !!

“I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Could you describe more in details?”

uhm for event, it by default show for first the time ! can i change it and show object…or…??? i can’t upload a picture…maybe i can help you better!?

PS: when i expande it… can i change the header…!? can write a title…!!?

thanks again

Try to add into scheduler_include.html something like this:

	scheduler.templates.lightbox_header = function(start, end, event) { return "<span style='color: green;'>Any html<br/> which you like</span>"; };
	scheduler.attachEvent("onLightbox", function(event) {"370px"
	.dhx_cal_ltitle {
		height: 40px;

Hello :slight_smile: im coming back after few holidays! :wink:

I’m sorry but this script not function… :cry: !
i’d like to change the header, title, of calendar, when it’s expande…???

Thanks thanks

nice to meet you :slight_smile:
Could attach an image or screenshot to describe more in details what do you mean?

hello :smiley:
uhm my english not very good… and :wink:

sò: i insert schedular in a post/page… when it non expand i see the title of post page (calendar VTC), when it is expand not show the title …!!!
see the picture… it’ better :smiley: .

sò i want change the header …also static i can write the title!!

are you all in holidays…??? :laughing:

There is no easy way to change content of the header.
While styling can be adjusted through css, modification of text content is not so easy

You can try to edit dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php , locate there next line

<div class=\"dhx_cal_date\"></div>

after it you can add any custom text|html which need to be shown on top line of scheduler