Events disappear in units view

I think I am going a little bit demented :imp:
I am working on a resource booking application and sometimes after making quite trivial changes, I find that my events are no longer displayed after logging in.
The site is at
The events are displayed ok when you open the page, but in order to book a court you must login. After logging in the events disappear. The console also regularly shows the error:
a.options[e] is undefined in dhtmlxscheduler_units.js on line 15.
Even as I write this, I returned to the site to check more symptoms and lo and behold, it’s working again!
Is it possible that this error is occurring at the same time every night because of something to do with timezones? The common thread seems to be that I am going to bed a lot later each evening than I intended to :confused:
I am using limits checking and collision checking also.

Try to update js file with attached one
I was able to reconstruct the issue in your sample, it seem related to combination of key-navigaton and unit views which can throw an error in some cases. (2.42 KB)

Thanks very much for that Stanislav. I’ll keep an eye on it because the problem is intermittent. I’m particularly curious as to how it will behave between 10 and 11pm tonight when I seem to have the most trouble. The booking slots run from 9am to 10.30pm and I also have the mark_now option on, so I thought there was a little mischievous leprechaun screwing things up for me every night :laughing:

I’m not going mad after all - there IS a leprechaun that wreaks havoc every night :mrgreen: , but I know how to trap him now! My schedule runs from 9am to 10.30pm. I noticed at 22.25 that the events disappeared again after logging in. The error message on the console is “TypeError: d is undefined” on line 16 of dhtmlxscheduler_limits.js. The problem disappeared once 11pm was reached. I then changed scheduler.config.last_hour to 23.30 and the problem reappeared at about 23.20, so I am convinced there is a conflict between limits checking and the last_hour setting.