Events disappearing

I am using dhtmlx scheduler node package version 6.0.5 in angular 13 app.
I have setup limit_start and limit_end in my application. I have a monthly recurring event starting from April 2024 - Oct 2024. As per my app setup, I will not be able to ‘EDIT SERIES’ if any occurrence of a recurring event is in past. Issue is: Events are disappearing if I keep on clicking EDIT SERIES button.

Snippet attached to reproduce the issue: DHTMLX Snippet Tool
1)In month view, go to May month and click the event on May 4th. QuickInfo box appears.
2) In quickinfo box, click ‘EDIT’ button.
3)Another info box appears with ‘edit series and edit occurrence’ option. Click ‘EDIT SERIES’ button in that. Lightbox will not open because we have set limit_start (from current day ). Since this recurring event starts from April 4th which is already past, it wont let you edit the series. This is expected scenario.
4)Now repeat these steps 2 and 3 i.e click EDIT button in quickInfo box and then EDIT SERIES button.
5) Keep repeating these steps for 4 to 5 times.
6) Now click the toggle button on top of the scheduler to toggle between all_timed config.
7) Now the event on May 4th will be DISAPPEARED.

Not sure why is this happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @rajeswarij,

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue and the provided config. It looks like some specific issue on our end that occurs for recurrences while the limit extension is enabled.
I already sent it to the dev team, and they will work on a fix, unfortunately there is no ETA.

Kind regards,