Events fire from gantt chart

Is there any way in which I can emit the event from gantt chart and the on basis of event emiited I can write my customize code in some other place by listening to the event fire by gantt chart.


Hello Manisha,
Yes, you can call some events when they actually not happen. You can do that by using the callEvent method:
Here is an example of how it works:
You can see that after clicking the buttons, the event for collapsing or expanding tasks fires.

Thanks Ramil.
But my problem is I have my ganttchart code in some gantttrain.vue file where the gantt object is initiated.
Some event in gantttrain.vue is attached. On fire of this event I need to handle some piece of code in another file say TrainView.vue from where I initiated gantt chart.

Hello Manisha,
I don’t specialize in vue.js, so I won’t be able to suggest how to do that in that framework.
But I can share a snippet that might help you to implement your solution. There are 2 Gantt instances. When you scroll Gantt 1, Gantt 2 is also scrolled and vice versa: