Events for Gantt Column visibility toggle


Is there any events for column visibility toggle?
In my use case I have got lots of column and some of them are hidden by default but can enable it by toggling the hidden columns.

I need to create a popup when I mouse over the column names, it triggers and shows brief information about the column and its data. And I am successful in creating popup using Gantt tooltip;

gantt.attachEvent("onGanttReady", function () {
      selector: ".gantt_grid_head_text",
      html: function(event, node) {
        if (gantt.config.touch && !gantt.config.touch_tooltip) {
        const $item = $(node).children('span');
          const header = $"head");
          const desc = $"desc");
          return "<strong>"+header+"</strong>"
              + "<p>"+desc+"</p>";

This feature will not work if the column is hidden on page load. If there any events for toggling column visibility I can use that.

Or do you have any other methods.