Events jump an hour on drag


Sometimes when I click on an event to drag it in week view it jumps an hour ahead. I can still move it to the new position.
It’s linked to locale dates - events before Oct 31st (British Summer Time) are fine, it only affects ones after.
Looking at the event the start date looks fine.
Annoyingly it only happens sometimes - I can’t work out a pattern.
Is this at all familiar, or can you suggest some settings to try?
Thanks very much


Hi @Greg_Chapman ,

It’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong, and there are no known similar issues with the week view.
The described issue could occur in the timeline view if the event lays in the DST shift date(different dates in different timezones).

If it’s not your case, could you please reproduce the issued config in the following demo:
(open the snippet => reproduce the issue on HTML/CODE tabs => click the “Share” button => post here a new link).
It also will be helpful if you will provide some detailed instruction or screencast that displays the issue and a way to reproduce it(even if it occurs not always).

Kind regards,


I have a similar problem


Hi, friend, I have a similar problem with you. I solved my problem. I use scheduler

5.3.9. My project uses react. I performed setstate and a lot of logical processing in onbeforedrag and ondragend. I think I executed setstate in the process of dragging, which led to the rendering jam of render and calendar.

The problem has been solved