Events loaded?

Hello there,

after searching the API, i can’t find a way to react on the event, that the events have been loaded into scheduler. Is there a way? I mean scheduler.config.show_loading handels if there i a loading image, but i disabled it and want to handle this with the dhtmlxTabbar-functions progressOn() and progressOff()

I only need a way to fire my progressOff() when data from

scheduler.setLoadMode("year") scheduler.load("inc/events.php");
is ready and displayed…

Hope there is a function or something to do in the source, because the loading-animation integrated in scheduler also stops displaying when data is ready - I only can’t find it in the Docu :frowning:((

I have to appologize, found it directly after writing this down :laughing:
This has to do with the actuall time over here in Germany hahaha…

scheduler.load("data.php",function(){ alert("Data has been successfully loaded"); });

you can also trace the events loading using onXLS and onXLE events (load start, load end respectively) … event.html … event.html