Events not displaying in timeline view


I am trying to create a timeline view but can’t get the events to display, the instructors display down the left side.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

I and populating from a database. I have “events”, “event_instructor”, and “instructor” tables there can be multiple instructors per event.

events table does not have a column pointing to event_instructor(regular columns)
event_instructor table fields: event_instructor_id, event_id, instructor_id
instructor table fields: instructor_id, instructor_name, instructor_initials

I am using cross server list.

$list_cross_instructor = new CrossOptionsConnector($res,$dbtype);
$list_cross_instructor->options->render_table("instructor","instructor_id","instructor_id(value), instructor_name(label)");

$list_cross_instructor->ink->render_table("event_instructor","event_id","instructor_id, event_id");

$scheduler->set_options("instructor_id", $list_cross_instructor->options);

$scheduler->render_table("events","event_id","start_date,end_date,event_name, topic_id,country,baseline,course,location,class_type,classroom");

Here is my timeline:

	name: "timeline",
	x_unit: "day",
	x_date: "%F %d",
	x_step: 1,
	x_size: 14,
	y_unit: scheduler.serverList("instructor_id"), 
	y_property: "event_id",
	render: "bar"


Please send data that you try to load to the Timeline view and also the array with sections.


Hi Polina,

Thanks for your time and the reply!

I have it working now. I am now using a complex sql statement to include the instructor_id.