Events not firing after recreating the grid in split mode

We are using dhtmlxGrid to enable users a split view and normal view.

The grid loads in normal view initially. And when the user selects split, we are calling destructor() on the existing grid object and reinitializing (new dhtmlXGridObject()) the grid with new configuration, and then re-attaching events to the grid.

After the user repeats switching between split and normal vew a couple of times, at some point grid events (rowSelected, onAfterCMove, eg) do not fire anymore, and a javascript error comes up saying “this._fake.callEvent is null”.

The javascript error is occurring in the dhtmlxGrid_split.js at the “this._fake.callEvent=function(){”

Thanks for help.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Can you please provide complete demo where we can reproduce it? You can find tutorial how to create complete demo here … leted_demo

Thanks for the reply.

Attached is a demo application where the issue is reproduced.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Click Load
  2. Click ‘Split’ and then click ‘Remove Split’. Do this a couple of times.
  3. Click on any one of rows in the grid. A javascript error comes up.

At this point, basically any mouse event (selecting row, column move, etc) on the grid will result in an error.

Also find the screeshot of the error in the attachment.

Thanks for your help.

This issue confirmed and fixed. Please open ticket at and we will send you fixed file

I have also this problem, as I fix it?

Please open ticket at and we will send you fixed file