Events not showing up in scheduler

I am trying a very basic example. My init line looks like this:


The contents of output2.xml is this:

<data> <event id="1"> <start_date>2010-12-09 14:26:18</start_date> <end_date>2010-12-09 14:30:24</end_date> <text>another more try</text> <details>this is a test </details> </event> </data>

Any idea why the event doesn’t display?

so, what is odd here, is that if I modify the 01_basic_init.html sample to ead my XML it works just fine. But if I take that example to a different directory, fix up the paths to point to the js files it doesn’t work.

I know it is reading all the files properly because the calendar is displayed just fine. Just no events.

And I have used firebug to verify that the event XML file is being read properly is both cases.

I am clearly missing something…

Are you loading sample by http or directly from local filesystem?
In second case more strict security rules are applied, and scheduler may not be able to access data file ( if it is stored in some upper level directory )

I got it. I had thought that the second argument to the load statement was to specify the format of the data. Works now, thanks!