exact match

Is there a way for one filter, filter only an exact match?

I dont want to use the select filter because there’s too many rows…

Unfortunately the issue is not clear. Couldn’t you clarify the details of your issue?
Thank you.

I’ve a treegrid with a text filter in it.

the problem is when I use the filter and search something like: “car”

The tree will also highlight results like: “incarcerated” because it contains the string “car” in it.
And I would only to have “car” as match. So I need exacts matches. is that possible using the text filter?

Please, try to use “#text_filter_sctrict” instead of “#text_filter

#text_filter_sctrict” doesn´t create any filter…

oh, I apologize. :blush:
Please, try to use “#text_filter_inc” that will help you to filter accordingly to the beginning of the string only.

it works!

thank you!