Example of loading XML string data using .parse()

Hi All,

I am very new/impressed with dhtmlxGrid.

I have the product working when loading XML data from an external file but my final solution that I am developing requires the XML data to be injected into dhtmlxGrid as a string so I was really glad to know that the parse() function sounds as though this will work for me.

But so far I haven’t been able to work out how to achieve this.

Does anyone have any working examples of loading XML strings suing the pars() function?

Many thanks,


Please check example here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … d_xml.html

Thanks for the link Olga.

Its still not quite what I am wanting to achieve.

What I would like to do is actually inject the XML data right into the following function


The example you provided me was an example of the data being returned from a textarea control.

If I was to input the following XML directly using the following syntax I get an error:


I have also tried it by removing the double quotes and still no results:


Any help would be appreciated.