Excel and numbers with commas

When I export a grid (using the java server side code), and the grid contains numbers with commas such as 1,234.00 excel treats this as a “Number Stored As Text”.

When this happens it is a pain to click on each cell or column and tell Excel the data should be treated as a number.

This only happens when the data in the grid has a comma:


Is there a way to tell the export to not add the commas when sending the data to excel?

thanks for looking into this…

Any help with this one?

please, try to update grid-excel-java from attachment. It includes required fix.
grid-excel-java.zip (1.39 MB)

This does fix the problem. Will this code update now be permanent? So the next time DHTMLx releases a new version will this change be in place or do I need to request it again?

Yes, it will be included in the next release.


I have been using the newest version and it looks like the ‘number stored as text’ issue is back again. Any number with a comma such as ‘1,345.44’ is treated as text.

Is there a new java file available?