Excel export and serverList values


Hi I am trying to export to excel. I have the data exporting but I need to change some data to it’s serverlist value.

Location in the events table is an “ID” field. I need it to display “USA” instead of “1”.

Is there an example of this? can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks For the help!



Unfortunately, export extension in the current implementation can export values only from the event data. The only solution that I can provide you is to create additional data property with “labels” from the array that you call in the serverList method and specify the name of this new property as id value in columns of exportToExcel method.

Thank you for your request.
I hope it will be possible in the future without adding additional property to data.


@Polina Thanks for the response. As always you are here to help.

I decided to manually export the data to an excel file. I am doing a database select returning the data in the format I need.

Again Thanks for your time!