Excel export code runs from your site?

We are interested to purchase the component, but found that the Export to Excel code runs from your web site link. When we host our site to our server - would that work the same way? Or this is for demonstration purpose only. Is the Export to Excel code part of the component source code?

The export really need a server side code, we are using our servers by default, but we can share this code, so you can run it on your server.

Server side code is a Docker container, so it can be used on any Linux / Windows box.

We have purchased the component, and asked for the code in the web site - but someone reverted back to the tutorial. How can I get the docker for Excel export? We are going to production in a week or so.

Please send an email to sales@dhtmlx.com with next info

  • license number
  • email for which license was purchased
  • name of account on https://hub.docker.com/ ( we will share the docker image to that account )