Excel export fails in both convert service and .toExcel()


We are using prof v 5.0 and the latest export code. When exporting a grid, the exported excel does not display any data(but headers are intact) and is repaired by excel on opening. There are no error logs even after turning on the debug in generate.php. I checked the debgxxx…x.xml and it contains the complete data which is around 700+ columns and 10 rows. The export does not take long but it does not export the 10 rows of data.

The data is alphanumeric and does not have special characters or anything like that. I cannot publish it here because it contains our client data. This does not happen for the same table with other sets of data. Any idea what could be wrong and any possible troubleshooting steps?

Are you using the PHP or Java export code?

As far as I can remember, library used for server side export has some limit on column count ( this is limit of base export library ), so in your case the problem can be caused by the column count.

The second possibility, is that data in one of columns somehow breaks export - it can be incorrect encoding for example.

You can try to

  • export a data with the lesser columns count
  • export the data with same columns but empty values instead of data

if second case works, problem caused by the bad data in the grid
if first case works, the error is in the column limit

Thank you Stanislav. We are using PHP. The data is mostly numbers in 1.0 (n.n) format or NA so its unlikely there are any special characters but the limit in PHPExcel is a possible issue. If we setup a Java export server will it have the same limitation?

The java versions uses different library, as far as I know it has not such limit
You can use the online export, it uses Java, so the standalone java export will work mostly the same


On-line export service stopped working for me. It does not return any data nor any error.

Unfortunately, the problem cannot be reproduced locally.
The following services:
work correctly for me.