Excel for line breaks

I do not speak English.
Google Translate, the article, so please understand less.

I have the ability to download Excel I’m writing in Eclipse.
However, two lines after the title in the fields that need to, I’ve used as follows

	mygrid.attachHeader(["title1","title2","long title<br/>(very long<br/>long title)","title3<br/>(Explanation)","title4","title5","title6","title7","title8"]);

If you use two lines shown in the grid so.

If you press the download button but excel in one line is truncated to fit the length of the grid shown.

I wanted to solve was using jxl to setWarp in.


	private void headerPrint(ExcelXmlParser parser) throws RowsExceededException, WriteException, IOException {
		cols = parser.getColumnsInfo("head");
		int widths[] = parser.getWidths();
		this.cols_stat = widths.length;
		int sumWidth = 0;
		for (int i = 0; i < widths.length; i++) {
			sumWidth += widths[i];
		if (parser.getWithoutHeader() == false) {
			for (int i = 0; i < cols.length; i++) {
				sheet.setRowView(i, 450);
				sheet.getSettings().setVerticalFreeze(i + 1);
				for (int j = 0; j < cols[i].length; j++) {
					sheet.setColumnView(j, widths[j]*scale/sumWidth);
					WritableFont font = new WritableFont(WritableFont.TAHOMA, 10, WritableFont.BOLD);
					font.setColour(colors.getColor(headerTextColor, wb));
					WritableCellFormat f = new WritableCellFormat (font);
					f.setBackground(colors.getColor(bgColor, wb));
					f.setBorder(Border.ALL, BorderLineStyle.THIN, colors.getColor(lineColor, wb));
					//this warp					f.setWrap(true);
					String name = cols[i][j].getName();
					Label label = new Label(j, i, name, f);
					colsNumber = j;
			headerOffset = cols.length;
			for (int i = 0; i < cols.length; i++) {
				for (int j = 0; j < cols[i].length; j++) {
					int cspan = cols[i][j].getColspan();
					if (cspan > 0) {
						sheet.mergeCells(j, i, j + cspan - 1, i);
					int rspan = cols[i][j].getRowspan();
					if (rspan > 0) {
						sheet.mergeCells(j, i, j, i + rspan - 1);

However, unlike poi
tags \ n tag was not read the same thing, just two lines to fit the length slot with three lines long, have a line break.

I am still on the grid by adjusting only the length but I thought it was not going to any problem, the length is too long (ex: “,” long title
(very long
long title) ")
When multiline been discarded as being fixed in height in Excel being clipped out.

When I download excel only in the subject line breaks and accordingly, even moderately high and wants to come out.

plz help me! thank you

//sheet.setRowView(i, 450);

Are you commenting rowview, will be thrown automatically appear high.
But I did not want to answer.

I myself
tag or \ n tags to change the line like, and also hope to come out automatically, the length accordingly.

I’m not saying make it?

could you provide screenshots (or maybe video) to understand you better?
If I understand your question correctly then you have problem with
tag: it’s not converted into line break when export to excel is called, isn’t it?