Excell link in Yii Framework integration


Is it possible to add a link excell to a grid row? I checked some docs but i did not find any help.

Any advice.

Thanks in advance.

You may set any needed exCell type to any grid cell:

<cell type="link">link^www.url.net</cell>

Hi sematik,

Here’s my code in controller:

$grid = new GridConnector(Prueba::model(), "PHPYii"); $grid->configure("-", "prueba_id", "nombre_prueba, duracion, activo"); $grid->render();

Where should i place your code? I know how to do that but in Yii is not the same way.


You may try to set the “type” attribute of a cell using the set_cell_attribute method:
try to call it from beforeRender event: