Expand/Collapse parent task and still show child tasks,

I am still exploring the pro version before I will buy it.
One thing that I can’t achieve yet is that I have “grandparents” tasks that inside there is “parents” and finally the tasks. I am trying to show all the tasks even if the parent/grandparent tasks are not expanded, it is somehow working just for the first “grandparent” task but for the rest, it is not working and I am not sure why.

The goal is to show all the time the tasks on one row even if the parent/grandparent is not expanded.

I added codesendbox working example in here.

Thank you,

Hello Adir,
If the parent task is collapsed its children won’t be displayed. There is no way built-in to change how it works.
When you filter tasks, you only hide the tasks that otherwise would be displayed.

The is a way to list all tasks that don’t have the project type if you group tasks:
But in that case, the tree structure won’t be the same.
Here is an example of how it works:

Another possible workaround would be to expand all tasks before filtering them.