expand sub grid from javascript

How to expend grid from api when using sub-grid.

My xml is as follows

No of records processed
Record with issue

Data Consumption

Grid renders the table as expected and when i click the ‘plus’ icon load the sub-grid from datacom.xml

But i need to expand this grid from javascprit. Calling dhxTreeGrid.openItem(“t1”); is not working.

dhxTreeGrid.openItem(“t1”) works only for row with cell with “tree” type.

In case of “sub_row_grid” you should use

BTW is an any reason of mixing treeGrid and sub grid functionalities?

thanks its working…

Initially i was using tree grid… but later switched to sub-grid because after expanding the row i wanted rows with new header. The code snippet still uses the variable ‘dhxTreeGrid’ beause of initial requirement.