Expanded view for Calendar - menu bar overlaying scheduler

Is there a simple fix for resolving the menu overlay when using the expand button? I thought this would be fixed in v2.3. Thanks!

You can alter the next style in dhtmlxscheduler.css


z-index need to be set greater than z-index of menu layer.

Ok, that solved the menu bar overlay problem noted in the image. However, once the calendar is un-expanded, the menu bar navigation options are truncated by the calendar. As I recall, I had to remove this same index from dhtmlxscheduler_wp.css to solve that problem (and it’s currently removed). Is there a conflict with the use of the z-index in dhtmlxscheduler.css and dhtmlxscheduler_wp.css?

The problem is that in one case you need to have scheduler over menu and in other case you need to have it below menu - but in both cases scheduler has the same z-index value. So fixing one situation will result in problem for other one.