Expanding multi day events

Hi all,

I am evaluating this tool to see if it is capable of showing a resource-usage calendar, to replace an existing html-generated calendar. Everything seems very good, but the only thing I cannot find out how to do is to show multi day events in a fully expanded way - for example, I would like an event starting at 5pm 01-Jan to 8am 02-Jan to show in the day view as an event from 5pm -> Midnight for 01-Jan, and from Midnight -> 8am for 02-Jan.

Please can someone tell me, is such a thing possible?



Hello, Rob.

We display multi day events in the separate section near timeline, check attached screenshot. There is no easy way to change this behavior to described one.
Though note that text which will be displayed can be altered with a template so you can add start and end dates there.

Best regards,