Expanding node programatically in case of Dynamic Loading

I am using Dynamic loading for displaying the tree. I have used tree.setXMLAutoLoading(url). My problem is i want to expand the node programatically. I tried using openItem(id) but it does not seem to work for nodes which have not been manually expanded atleast once. Since i am using dynamic loading, the entire tree data is not at the client side so in such a case how to expand a node programatically whose data does not reside at client side?


It possible If you know all chain of parent-child IDs

for example next command
will do next
    a) open item with ID = 1
    b) wait while related XML loaded

    c) open child of loaded item with ID=1-2

    d) wait while related XML loaded

    e) open child of loaded item with ID=1-2-sub

so it can be used to open/show some items, which stored deep in hierarchy and not loaded on client side yet
( there is a special event onOpenDynamicEnd which fire when all ids in list loaded and opened - you can use it to catch that moment if necessary )

Thanks for such a prompt reply. But I am using dhtmlxTree Professional v1.4 (build 61218) and tree.openItemsDynamic(list) method does not exist in dhtmlXtree.js

I was able to locate openItemsDynamic in dhtmlXtree_xw.js file. But _stepOpen() method throws an error saying “XMLLoad is null or not an object”. I have a node A whose child nodes are not loaded at client side and i need to programatically open a child node of A say node A-1. So i am using openItemsDynamic(“A, A-1”) where A and A-1 are the ids of the node. Am i using the openItemsDynamic() method incorrectly?

After some debugging i figured out that i was giving a space after comma (,) in openItemsDynamic(list) and hence it was failing in my case. But i have fixed that and it does expand the node for me. I also want to highlight (or select) that node after expanding and hence i was using the following code snippet:
But this does not highlight the node for me. On debugging inside selectItem(‘A1’) i found that _globalIdStorageFind(‘A1’) method returns null for node A1 and hence it does not result in selection of A1. Due i need to trap some event like “ending of dynamic load” before executing the selectItem() method? The node A1 does appear expanded in the tree but it does not get highlighted.

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