expanding row with subgrid and/or saving grid-state with sub


I have a grid loaded from an xml file with subgrids, also loaded from generated xml files.

I need to be able to save the state of the grid and load that state when the grid is reopened/refreshed.

So if the first line has a subgrid and is opened then it should also be open and showing the subgrid when the grid is refreshed or reopened.

I tried the grid.openItem(RowId) but it gave the error “this._h2 has no properties” in firebug (firefox debugger). I presume it doesn’t work with subgrids?

Is there a way to get this accomplished?


To open subgrid you can use next code   

where i,j - coordinatest of related cell

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … excellsapi