export cvs to Excel with List type

I want to export Grid to Excel.

    grid.setCSVDelimiter("\t");//change csv delimiter
    var csvNew = grid.serializeToCSV();//serialize to CSV with current active delimiter
But I have one problem :
One column is list type (select) and when I export, I have the identify of the value of list but I want the label which see the user.
Could you help me

There is no such native option, please try to use attached js file instead of original one
With it the next command
    var csvNew = grid.serializeToCSV(true);
will return the text for all cells, as it rendered in grid ( so it will show the labels, not values )

Attached js file purposed to be used with dhtmlxgrid 1.6 , please mention if you need similar update for older version of grid.

dhtmlxgrid_nxml.zip (4.27 KB)

thanks, I change it in my version.  that’s ok. it’s very cool