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Hello I used the Excel export online in my application but this service is down. That’s why I wanted to use the local excel export DHTMLX but I get an error: mygrid.toExcel is not a function.


Looks like now you will require the Pro version


toExcel method works well with the STD version of the dhtmlx.
Most probably the sources were used instead of the compiled “dhtmlx.js” from the “codebase” directory.
In that case you need to make sure that the: “sources\dhtmlxGrid\codebase\ext\dhtmlxgrid_export.js” is included on your page.


hmmmm……I’ve I included dhtmlxgrid_export.js.
I’m using grid-excel-php and the $xmlString has empty cell values i.e. the resulting excel file is 0 bytes. On PHP version: 7.2.12

…also the docs show “PRO” for toExcel (+ see attached)Capture


Could you please, provide a snippet of a using code or a complete demo/demo link, wehre the problem can be reconstructed locally…
Please, check the following snippet:
It uses standard versions of the dhtmlxSuite and the export itself works well.


Pls see attached - unzip and run…
The export at DHTMLX.com works, local does not (0 byte file generated)


Your attachment is missing.
Unfortunately the local version of the service is open sourced and provides as it is and not planning to be updated. You may try to modify it by yourself.


Thanks Sematik!
Apologies about the attachment, now attached.

The issue is that the grid xml (BEFORE the call to the open source) is empty…cam’t figure out why…s

testToExcel.zip (1.2 MB)