Export Gant as PNG

I have created Gant chart and its showed up on page.
If i add button on this page to export it as PNG it works fine.

What i need now, i am creating report in Jasper report and i need that exported PNG file to put it into Jasper report.

Is there any api where i could like pass JSON data and it would give me back PNG file (picture of gant chart) so i can put it into Jasper report ?

Some code example or explanation would be nice.

So im haveing Java in backend, i need to get picture of gant chart and put it into Jasper report.

Thanks for your time.

docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/08 … store.html

you can use export API to export the data and receive the url to the file, that can be downloaded by java code and inserted in the report.


Thanks this was useful and it works :slight_smile: