Export Gantt to MSProject with custom Columns

I have added custom column to the Gantt as below

tasks: {
“Function”: function(task) {
return task.Function;

The problem is that when I open the xml in Project 2013, it exports the data. But the custom columns, I need to add additionally to the existing columns. Is there any way that we can control the custom columns from the xml generated.

Hello Ankita.
Do you want to export the data from MS Project, then import the file into Gantt and add columns depending on the properties? Or do you want to export the data from Gantt and specify that after importing the file certain columns should be added? Or maybe something else?

If you want to add new columns depending on the task properties, you can collect all properties from a task and use gantt.config.columns to specify the columns. Here is an example of how it might work:

I doubt that other programs have a feature that allows specifying which columns should be added after the file is imported. But Gantt cannot export with those parameters, it exports only task properties and config:

If you need something else, please give me more details about your requirements.