Export Gantt with Task Layer

Hi I’m not able to export Gantt with task layer,
I have tried with header: ‘’+ document.getElementById(‘styles’) +’’ this method its not working any proper solution let markerId = gantt.addMarker({ start_date: this.customDateService.getDate(), css: "today", text: "", title: dateToStr(this.customDateService.getDate()) });![Screenshot%202022-09-08%20174008|690x221](upload://gErB2A3Y7eAhXmlWBcjijKCMrUW.png)

Hello Nithin,
In addition to including the styles in the header parameter, you also need to enable the raw mode:
Here is an example with the additional task layers and the marker:

Thank you for your suggesting, But now I need another clarification, can I export Gantt not be using Gantt server…?

Hello Nithin,
If you want to export the data without sending the request to the server, unfortunately, there is no way to export the data only using the client-side.
You can try using the html2canvas library to export visible parts of Gantt to PNG, but it is limited by the 16000x16000 sizes.
Here is an example:

In that case, I would recommend using the zoom to fit functionality, enable the autosize parameter, and export the data by using the browser:

If you don’t want to send the requests to our online export server, you can use the standalone export module. It can work even without an internet connection, but you need to have access to it to send the requests from the browser.