Export grid to excel in IE

I put a button above my grid to export it to excel. The code for the button and grid is:

<input type='button' value='Export accounts' onclick="mygrid.toExcel('../assets/dhtmlxGrid_v25_pro/dhtmlxGrid/server/generate.php');" /><br/>
 <div id="gridbox" style="width:100%; height:780px;  background-color:white; border:hidden;"></div>

In Firefox, when you click on the button, it opens a new tab, and prompts for the download, and the grid is exported fine, but in IE, when you click on the grid, it opens a new pop up window with the same page as the one I clicked the export button in (the grid with the button appears in the new window without any prompts for downloads.

Does this work in IE?

Try to use the js file ( dhtmlxgrid_export4.zip ) from the next post

Great! That worked.