Export Grid to Excel using paging?

Dear sirs

I have a really big problem. I need to export my grid to excel. As there are more than 100.000 rows i enabled dynamic loading with paging.
If i want to export to excel i always just see the rows from the actual page.
I hope there is a way to export all rows ?! :frowning:

Thank you in advance and best regards

unfortunately grid export doesn’t support paging and can process only rows at current page.
But there is a way to export data without loading at client side.
You may find sample in attachment.
Also there is a problem that export to Excel doesn’t support such big data.
But you may use export to html - it will generate file with html table markup, but excel can open it. So it will work like an export to excel.
grid-html-php.zip (180 KB)

Do you have an example of this using ASP.NET?

unfortunately there is no such functionality for asp.net.