Export/Import Gantt chart to/from Microsoft Project (MPP)


We are trying to evaluate the feasibility to be able to use DHTMLX Gantt chart.
I wanted to check if there exists a functionality to import or export the Gantt chart into a MPP.

I saw on the previous forum messages from last year, that there was a possible future functionality being worked on, to be able to export the Gantt chart to MPP. Is the functionality available now?

Also, does DHTMLX allow imports of MPPs to load them as Gantt chart?


There is still no ready solution. Although, right now we have drafts of following

  • export gantt chart into MS Project file using XML or MPX format (generating MPP probably won’t be supported)
  • import gantt data from MPP file

If you open a ticket in our support system we could give you access

Nope, there is no way to export directly to MPP

As far as I know, there is no any solution to write MPP file without using the Microsoft Project itself

Stanislaw / Polina

Using your sample for importing MPP, i manage to import, but how do i insert all those tasks in to the table

If you have a dataprocessor attached to the gantt, you can use

gantt.eachTask(function(obj){ dp.setUpdated(obj.id, true, "inserted"); });

It will force saving to DB for all tasks.