Export online service question


I understand that export gantt online service is secure as you say but i would feel
more comfortable if i was hosting the files.For privacy and availability issues.

is there any way to buy the license to remove the watermark and give me an encrypted set
of php files to host? like ioncube encrypted.

Its not good business to tell my clients that “I cannot guarantee the security and availability of the export files function as we are using a third party service hosted by another company”

Last thing is that if my application goes well i could have 1.000 gantt exports per day.
There is no need for you to handle the traffic.

So charge me for the service but still let me host the service. win win for you and for me.
I could buy 1 year license encrypted with ioncube that will only work on my server.

Thank you

We can do one of next

  • provide docker image of the service (docker.io) which you can run on any linux box
  • provide full VM image ( amazon cloud, azure cloud, etc. )
  • do remote install of service on your server ( this one may be expensive )

In all above cases you will have your own copy of export service

Unfortunately we can’t provide it as “files”. Export tool is quite complicated solution, than uses a lot of linux tools.

Thank you for your fast reply.

Your answer is exactly what i was hoping for.

I would probably go with Docker or full VM.

I am currently testing and evaluating the use of dhtmlx suite for a new commercial web application.
As soon as i finish the evaluation and implementation i will contact you again for more details.
My projected timeline is 2 months.

Thank you